Passion Project | “Natural Redheads of Northumberland County”

Book Release 2020

There seems to be an unusually high number of natural redheads in Northumberland County, Ontario. Maybe it’s the iron in our water? 😉

I thought it would be fun to interview, document and beautifully photograph the Natural Redheads of Northumberland County. I grew up in a large family, all of my siblings are redheads! … my own children are redheads .. so I am partial to the colouring, the strange things that seem to happen to all of us, the electrical problems, the sensitivities, unusual blood and pain tolerances … all one has to do is talk to a redhead and you will know what I mean!

We nod and wink at other natural redheads, the same way jeep owners wave at each other … it is an unspoken language like a sister or brotherhood between natural redheads… If you would like to be part of my book project, all I ask is that you live within the borders of Northumberland County, you are a natural redhead that still shows red & has not changed colour with age. I am looking for all shades of natural red (not dyed). All ages, from babies/children to seniors are most welcome! .

Please email me ( ) or call 905.396.0999 and we will chat more!

You would need to sign a photographic release and in exchange for your time, you would receive a professional photograph done by me, Photographer Cindy Taylor, (20 plus years in photography full-time!) and the final picture will appear in my published hard cover book, with a delivery date of 2020. Under 18 years of age will need a signed permission form from their parents